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Warren Buffet: Integrity, Intelligence, Energy

Image via Wikipedia I was listening to NPR this morning and people were discussing what kinds of advice to give to graduates – high school or college. One of the listeners quoted Buffet as saying that the people you work … Continue reading

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Inspiring Women: Women 2.0 Conference Stanford Women in Business

How inspiring it was this morning, May 10, 2008, to see a whole room [tent] full of eager, young women, all determined to move forward with their ideas which will turn into full fledged businesses – and the women are … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Executive Quotes – Can you guess the nationality?

Image by Rice Ette via Flickr Here are some quotes from the book, They Made It!; they were made by French, Indian, Chinese, German, Iranian, Israeli and Saudi executives. Is it possible to guess where people come from by the … Continue reading

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Getting into the US – legally!

Michael Arrington [TechCrunch] wrote a great blog in which he featured Peter Nixey who talks about his adventurous immigration trials or- as he says – “how we brought Clickpass to California and how a holiday turned into a pitch turned … Continue reading

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