Angelika Blendstrup & Associates works exclusively with international executives and entrepreneurs to refine their business communication and presentation skills so they will succeed and excel in the US and global markets.

We offer a refined, hands-on coaching technique that far exceeds the industry standard of “one-size fits all” training. We meticulously assess each client’s communication needs and requirements by performing an in-depth speaking and presentation analysis and capturing the communication distinctions between the country of origin and the US business environment. It is our promise to provide the most advanced level of professional communications coaching to be found. We are dedicated to delivering to each and every client, an impeccable level of personalized support and results – we take enormous pride in the difference we make in our clients’ lives and careers.

Accent Reduction Made Fast and Easy

Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D., telling stories about her international clients

Mastering the American Accent: How to improve your English – fast

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