Pitching Skills

Pitching Skills

Giving presentations and pitching are an integral part of doing business. Each presentation should be seen as a pitch- whether you are pitching an idea, a product, a budget or buy-in from your team or boss. The difference between a good and excellent presentation or pitch can mean the difference between getting a contract or not; getting funding or having to look elsewhere for investments.

VC, Angel Investor and Seed Funding firms have made possible the birth of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and others. However, getting your ideas in front of savvy investors requires meticulous communications know-how. Angelika Blendstrup & Associates will show you, the international start-up entrepreneur – step-by-step – how to make a positive impression on decision makers for advancing your ideas and entrepreneurial projects.

Sessions Will Cover
  • Giving a compelling ‘elevator’ pitch in 30 seconds
  • Learning to give pitches that range from 3 to 30 minutes [in the Guy Kawasaki style] – whatever it takes to engage and captivate the investor
  • Storytelling—how to incorporate a great story into your pitch to make your technology easy to understand and to help investors remember you easily
  • Organizing the pitch deck [Guidewire: GScore]
  • Delivering an interesting, engaging and winning pitch
How You Will Benefit
  • Make successful connections with investment decision-makers
  • ‘Sell’ your ideas and innovative thinking
  • Make yourself memorable through effective storytelling
  • Perfect your pitch delivery and timing

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